Welcome to The Tax Terminal

The Tax Terminal created in 2021, is India’s first student-run blog dedicated to exclusive discourse on taxation. It operates under the aegis of the Centre for Comparative and International Taxation (CCIT) at the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS). It aims to serve as a hub for tax-related discussions, fiscal policy coverage, and tax news dissemination. The Tax Terminal should serve as a forum for facilitating knowledge sharing on contemporary challenges in the fiscal arena.


We shall be regularly hosting technical pieces, under the segment ‘Articles’ which discuss recent domestic and international judgments, legislative changes, and legal developments in the field of tax.

The ‘Tax Bulletins’ segment provides a peek into the major taxation events of the current era. They offer quick news bites with respect to critical fiscal developments around the globe.

The 'Tax Resources' segment provides study references and guides on crucial issues in the tax domain. It strives to acquaint the readers with the intricacies of critical conceptual aspects of various tax-related topics. This section will be launched next week.


To break the mould of it being only a serious academic platform, we have also attempted to introduce some light moments for tax enthusiasts. A tax-related crossword (to be launched soon) will be shared every week in the segment ‘Bricks and Bytes’ to introduce a bit of ‘play in work’ for our tax mates! As the name indicates, the topics covered would range from traditional taxation principles relating to brick and mortar setups to the ones in the digital era. Of course, no rewards on correct responses, but only the satisfaction of beating a crossword challenge!


The ‘Tax Wit’ segment will feature a humour post every day. After all, a smile is tax-free!  

​We hope you find this initiative useful!